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The playlist is the most powerful medium in music. Streaming music companies spend millions developing algorithms and hiring teams of curators to create them, millions of people tap play on them each day.

We get your music heard by independent music curators that manage playlists on multiple streaming services like Spotify, Youtube, Apple music and others.

Targeted campaign

We send your music to a targeted group of independent playlist owners, to help you gain new playlist placements.

Flex pricing

Whether you make pop music or are an instrumental pianist, you only pay to reach the curators that will dig your music.

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See who added your song, their total reach/followers and how much popularity your song gained during the campaign.

Indies Only

Discover new music by independent artists
for your playlists

Our network

We have the most active network of Spotify curators and
measure data from each campaign for maximum effectiveness.


We have over 800 curators on our platform and more keep joining us every day.


All our playlists combined have a total reach of more than 25 million listeners.


We have ran more than 4000 successful campaigns with over 2400 artists and bands.