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If Young Nudy, a rapper based out of Atlanta and blood cousins with 21 Savage, tried to imitate his cousin even a little bit in order to try and replicate his success, he’d easily be forgiven. However, Nudy took the complete opposite approach, and created a style for himself that’s the polar opposite of 21’s. Nudy’s flows have more bounce in them than 21’s stone-cold cadence, but he’s just as quotable. Combined with production from frequent collaborator Pi’erre Bourne, and you get a rapper that’s actually able to have fun on a track. This is apparent on “Air it Out” the 21 Savage song that featured Nudy and helped launch his career. While the two couldn’t sound more different, they clearly have a chemistry between them, and Nudy doesn’t sound out of place at all. While 21 Savage’s star continues to rise, don’t count out Young Nudy. He could be next up.  

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