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Monica Schipper/Getty ImagesThe loud ab-libs that ring through “Big Drip” was merely an accident in the mixing process. However, the underlying effect birthed a new star in New York City — Fivio Foreign. The latest artist to emerge from the Brooklyn drill scene, he’s poised for stardom with his flamboyant dance moves, rugged delivery, and penchant for creating bangers.  Artists like the late Pop Smoke put a global spotlight on the buzzing scene in the past year but it’s Fivio Foreign who’s aiming to take it globally. 800 BC, his major-label debut on Columbia, will serve as his official introduction following the success of the Axl Beats-produced “Big Drip” and “Wetty,” which has since prompted a TikTok. The remix for “Big Drip”  He’s already clocked in songs with Drake, Tory Lanez and Meek Mill. Not to mention, he recently had Diddy and Ciara vibing out to “Big Drip” on Instagram Live.The 24-year-old rapper is only beginning his career but with major co-signs and a sound that’s taking over the globe, hip-hop is witnessing the rise of a new star. His major-label debut 800 BC through Columbia Records will only solidify his position in the game. 

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