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Dennis Graham, also known as Drake’s dad, is an eccentric character in the music industry. Regularly found at the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, the enigmatic man never fails to make a grand entrance in his signature look. Shaded sunglasses, a brightly-colored durag, and a thick mustache generally accompany him anywhere he goes. These days, he’s likely recognized more for being the father of one of the all-time greats than for being a performing musician. However, he has also been impactful in his own right. Graham’s music career began in 1962 learning how to drum before eventually working with the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.As far as his recent accomplishments go, his releases have been sporadic. In 2017, he independently released “Kinda Crazy”, making his mark as an R&B vocalist for the first time. He split up with Drake’s mother Sandi Graham when their son was only five-years-old, moving back to his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. His birth year is currently unknown but he celebrates his birthday on September 20.

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