City Girls Fans Theorize JT Dissed Roddy Ricch On GloRilla’s “FNF (Remix)"

City Girls fans believe that JT was dissing Roddy Ricch with her verse for GloRilla’s “FNF (Remix).” Roddy had claimed back in August that he had had sex with JT, amid a back and forth between himself and Lil Uzi Vert on social media.

On the track, JT raps about someone using her name for clickbait.

“I don’t care who he fuck wit’/Bitch, I can’t be fucked wit’ (Nah)/Must be gone off percs if you ever thought you fucked this (What?).” JT raps.

City Girls, JT
Rich Fury / Getty Images

She continues: “Usin’ my name for clickbait/Eat my ass and my clit, wait/Bitch, I got a future, do it look like I can sit and wait/I’m F-R-E-E, hold up, stop the beat/I’m a motherfuckin’ City Girl, ain’t shit free ’bout me (Ayy)/You a fraudulent ass ho, n***a, actin’ like you on, n***a/You ain’t been in shit since that PPP loan, n***a (Hahaha).”

Roddy’s exchange with Uzi was prompted by the Eternal Atake rapper making fun of Roddy’s “BIG ASS BOOTS” in a post on Instagram.

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