DreamDoll Seemingly Addresses Ari Fletcher Beef Rumors

Yesterday (September 10), social media users speculated that the friendship between Ari Fletcher and DreamDoll had come to an end. The two socialites would often party together and do photoshoots, but DreamDoll’s latest actions might have seized all of that. 

While out at a nightclub, Dream, whose real name is Tabatha Robinson, was seen having a good time with Taina Williams. Taina shares the same baby father as Ari, G Herbo, and was allegedly dealing with him while the two Chicago natives were still together. Video footage captured Taina sitting on Dream’s lap as they rapped the lyrics to Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares.” The caption on the clip read, “Twin [white heart emojis].”

Aside from this, social media investigators noticed that Ari and Dream had unfollowed each other on Instagram. It didn’t take long before people started putting the pieces together, alluding that the two must have cut ties– and most people believed Dream was to blame. 

One person on Twitter wrote, “Dream hanging out with Taina after having fall out with Ari is giving weird a** b*tch vibes . B*tches love to hang out with your opps after y’all have fall out.” Another added, “Ari got ever right to be mad on this situation. I guarantee you dream use to talk about taina with ari.”

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