Mike Dean Disses Kid Cudi After Being Removed From Festival Lineup: "MID CUDI"

Mike Dean fans were previously disappointed by the news that the renowned producer had been given the boot from Kid Cudi’s upcoming Moon Man’s Landing music festival, and while he previously said that the reason for his removal had to do with “some baby kid baby shit,” he’s now giving fans more insight into all the drama.

Early on Thursday (September 8), the 57-year-old shared a post on Twitter reading, “MID CUDI” which was quickly deleted (though not before it was screenshotted by several users).

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

One viewer responded urging Dean and Cudi to patch up their beef. “Wish everyone would just drop the hate,” they wrote, with Dean writing back, “D*ckhead cancelled me just from jealousy. Just because I was on tour with [The] Weeknd.”

Loyally defending the “Mr. Rager” hitmaker, another Twitter user replied, “Get off Cudi’s d*ck. Just mad ’cause he’s selling out arenas and is a better producer than you.”