Kevin Durant Wants Answers Over "NBA 2K23" Rating

Every single year, basketball fans are given a brand new “NBA 2K” game. This year, fans will be able to play “NBA 2K23” which officially comes out on Friday. This is set to be a massive launch as millions of gamers will be heading to their local video game stores to purchase the latest copy of one of the biggest sports video game franchises in the world.

One of the most anticipated parts of any new “2K” game is the ratings for each player. Most of the time, the players do not agree with their own ratings and that was certainly the case for Kevin Durant who took to Twitter as he was upset with being dubbed a 96.

Aye @Ronnie2K I’m gonna need an explanation on why I’m not a 99? This has become laughable,” he wrote.

This led to a plethora of responses from fans who were confused as to why KD actually cares. One fan made a TikTok which led to KD saying “U uploaded this in record timing my boy, got damn.” He responded to other fans who tried to tell him that he simply isn’t “that” guy. KD had no idea what the basis for that was, and he made it clear in his replies.