LeBron James Reveals His Mindset Ahead Of This Season

LeBron James is one of the best players to ever grace the NBA. He knows how to win at a high level and at his current age, he is still killing it. As one of the five best players in the entire league, James is well-aware of the fact that he needs to keep working out in order to stay as sharp as possible. If he doesn’t stay sharp, then those skills will fall by the wayside. 

LeBron is going to turn 38 this season and he is entering his 20th NBA season. This is a very important time for LeBron, especially since the Lakers were not very good last season. He wants to show people that he can still lead a winning team, and the time is now for him and the Lakers to really make a splash.

LeBron James

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Instagram last night, LeBron posted about his current mentality, noting that while it was labor day, he was still in the gym getting a workout in. The season is over a month away, and basketball is all that is on his mind.

“My friends asked me earlier if I was BBQ’n for the holiday. I said I am, ask the ones in attendance!” LeBron wrote. 

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