Bow Wow Claps Back At People Teasing Him Over $1,000 Meet & Greet

He’s no stranger to being the punchline of internet jokes, but Bow Wow has had enough of a new trend that sparked on Twitter. Meet and greets have been a hot topic lately after photos of Chris Brown posing with his fans hit the internet. It was reported that the R&B singer charged a pretty penny for the up-close-and-personal moments, but the price was widely accepted because of who he is. 

However, when a Twitter user shared a screenshot showing a similar “Diamond VIP Package” for Bow Wow on The Millennium Tour, reactions were much different. “The Ultimate Hang with Bow Wow: A 30-45 minute personal hang & tour conducted by Bow!” the post read.

Bow Wow
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

The meet and greet will set fans back $1,000 and includes a photo, an invite to a pre-show party. some souvenirs, a hoodie, and a drawstring bag. Several of our favorite artists have offered similar packages for their tours and shows, but the public used this opportunity to tease Bow. Things kicked up a notch after someone tweeted a question asking if people would rather take the $2,900 in food stamps or dinner with the rapper. The internet had a field day.

The reactions didn’t sit well with Bow who was alerted that he was once again going viral.

“You see when im chilling minding my business staying off the net THEY STILL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ME,” Bow wrote. “One week its ‘Bow wow sells out o2 arena hes a goat’ to who wants to meet him for $1k?,” he added. “Ya baby momma n*gga thats who. Read before you post bout me. Stop playing with the dog.”