Jazz Reportedly Sent Donovan Mitchell To Cleveland As "Payback"

Just last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a huge trade to acquire none other than Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell had wanted out of Utah ever since the team traded away Rudy Gobert, and as expected, the Jazz got a huge haul of draft picks and even some players.

Cleveland turned out to be an interesting location for Mitchell when you consider how everyone thought he would go to the Knicks or even the Miami Heat. Instead, the Jazz sent Mitchell to the destination that has the least amount of sex appeal, even if the roster is ready to do some damage with Mitchell on it.

Donovan Mitchell

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

According to Ric Bucher of Fox Sports, the Jazz sent Mitchell to Cleveland out of spite. Bucher claims that Jazz brass were upset over Mitchell’s trade request and they wanted to get back at him somehow. Sending him to the Cavaliers was a way to do that especially since Mitchell wanted to go back home closer to New York.

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