GloRilla Reponds To Internet Haters, "Life's Great, P*ssy Still Good"

GloRilla has had a successful past few months. After her song “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” took off, the Memphis artist signed a record deal with Yo Gotti, performed at numerous venues, and garnered an incredibly wide fan base. While thousands of people love her for her deep voice and unhinged lyrics, she has had her fair share of run-ins with haters as well.

Just last week, Glo, whose real name is Gloria Woods, issued a statement for those concerned about her physical appearance. Being that most people in the industry have a full figure, several social media users questioned if GloRilla would ever get her body done. Tired of their constant nagging, the rapper took to Instagram and addressed it. 

She wrote, “This is my last time addressing this, you mfs better get use to this slim body, green pretty a** eyes & big beautiful nose of mine, cause ain’t a damn thing gone change. Yall can hate yall self all you want, but I luv me some BIG GLO.”

While she cleared the air on that topic, the rapper still had more to say. She hopped on Twitter and took aim at all of her despisers.

“Y’all please stop saying people are being mean to me cause I feel like yall calling me a weak a** b*tch when y’all say that,” she wrote to her 100,00 followers. She went on to explain how she’s never been bullied in her life, and won’t allow internet trolls to do it to her now. Glo ended her rant by quoting her hit single, “LIFES GREAT P*SSY STILL GOOD.”

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