Fivio Foreign's Babymother Labels Him A Deadbeat Dad, He Responds

Yesterday, things got hectic between rapper, Fivio Foreign, and his baby mother, Jasmine. Their feud originated because, allegedly, the New York rapper promised to give his BM $80,000 and did not deliver. His lack of commitment forced Jasmine to hop on Instagram live where she made some pretty daunting accusations.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

During the live stream, Jasmine claimed that Fivio, whose real name is, Maxie Lee Ryles III, went on tour and didn’t leave his family any money. “He came back like nothing– normal,” Jasmine stated. She then stated that she brought the issue to his attention, asking him, “How you leave on tour and don’t leave your family a dollar? What type of sh*t is that?”

Jasmine said that the New York rapper isn’t the “family man” that his label wants to paint him out to be. “This man always walks in the house and walks past his kids,” she shouted into the camera. “He don’t pay his kids no f*cking mind. He never has,” she added.