Tyrese Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife $10K Per Month In Child Support: Report

He didn’t want to pay $20K in child support and it looks as if Tyrese’s prayers have been answered…sort of. The singer and his estranged wife Samantha have been battling it out in court over child and spousal support, as well as the division of their assets. The ex-couple announced that they were divorcing in December 2020, and since that time, Tyrese has expressed that he wanted to reconcile his marriage, but after those attempts were seemingly unsuccessful, he began dating someone new.

Both Tyrese and Samantha took the stand at court hearings this week to give testimony over their finances. Samantha was grilled about cosmetic surgery she had done, while Tyrese upset the judge when he reportedly got snippy with one of his ex-wife’s attorneys.

Samantha Gibson, Tyrese
Daniel Zuchnik / Stringer / Getty Images

According to TMZ, the judge interrupted Tyrese and snapped, “You don’t ask questions! That’s not how this works!!” The judge also reportedly threatened to hold the actor in contempt of court if he spoke out of turn again.

Meanwhile, it was also stated that Tyrese won’t be shelling out $20K in child support—however, he was ordered to pay $10K per month, including back pay dating to when the ex-couple first announced their split nearly two years ago. Although the back pay would put him somewhere at $209K, because Tyrese also paid Samantha’s car note for two years, the judge took off $46K.

“This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, in the child!” the judge reportedly told Tyrese, adding that his ex-wife and child moving to a nicer home is something that is good for their daughter, Soraya. The divorce was granted and made official, and both parties were told not to trash each other in front of their child. Neither Tyrese nor Samantha will pay spousal support.

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