Megan Thee Stallion Denies Dissing Asian Doll; Kelsey Nicole Chimes In

Megan Thee Stallion has a lot to celebrate these days. After scoring a small win in the case against her label earlier this month, followed by the news that she’ll be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as herself, it seems as if there’s not much Megan can’t do. However, the Stallion’s winning streak hasn’t stopped trolls from instigating drama between her and her female rap peers. During a recent Instagram Live chat with famed hair stylist Jonathan Wright, Megan joked,  “Don’t say no names and don’t say nothing stupid ’cause we ain’t giving nobody no free press.” 

Fans quickly assumed Megan was referring to Asian Doll, who is also a close friend and client of Jonathan. Megan added, “Jonathan said ‘Megan, I’m about to go out with this b**** I know you don’t like’.” Before fans could get carried away with beef theories, the Hot Girl clarified, “Wasn’t about Asian so now what.” When a fan claimed that Megan ended the live because she “didn’t want them problems,” the rapper fired back, “never been p****.”

Shortly after, Megan’s former friend Kelsey Nicole chimed in on the post, saying, “PUT A NAME ON ITTTTT THEN.” The “Her” rapper clearly had time after her live. She replied to Kelsey, “But when I was paying your rent [laughing emoji]. Cause court lemme go.” Although Megan’s portion of the back and forth ended there, Kelsey still had more to get off her chest. She continued, “Y’all don’t know the behind the scenes s****…it definitely had been got back to me words from her mouth about Jonathan coming around me. So I just want to know! Cuz the slugs is dead.”

After releasing her sophomore album Traumazine over the Summer, Megan opened up to Rolling Stone about her beef with Kelsey, her court case with Tory, Carl Crawford and much more. See more of the former friends’ heated interaction below.