Skip Bayless Fanboys Over Tom Brady's NFL Top 100 Ranking

If you know Skip Bayless, then you know that he can be a massive hater for some people, and a huge fanboy for others. In the NBA, he absolutely loves Kevin Durantbut hates LeBron James. In the NFL, he loves Tom Brady but has a strong distaste for Aaron Rodgers. His biases are always showing, and sometimes, his Twitter is just a little bit too over the top.

A great example of this was just yesterday as the NFL revealed its Top 100 players heading into this season. The Top 3 was pretty interesting, as it went Rodgers at three, Aaron Donald at two, and then Brady at number one. This led to a series of tweets from Skip Bayless, who got into his fanboy bag for Brady.

Skip Bayless

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

“NFL players got it right voting Brady over Aaron Rodgers, who was just announced as No. 3 on the Top 100. But please don’t tell me they voted Aaron DONALD over Brady. That would be a joke,” Skip wrote. “YES, SIR: THOMAS EDWARD PATRICK BRADY JR. WAS JUST REVEALED AS THE NO. 1 PLAYER IN THE NFL, AS VOTED BY THE PLAYERS. HE’S 45! WHAT A MOLD-SHATTERING ACHIEVEMENT! CONGRATS, 12.”


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