Taylor Rooks' Damian Lillard-Kyrie Irving Hot Take Leads To NBA Twitter Scrutiny

Basketball discourse is in a bad place right now. NBA Twitter is mostly about riding for your favorite player, no matter what. As for the NBA media, many takes are narrative-driven, leading to some bizarre opinions. No one in the NBA media is immune to these kinds of hot takes, even if the vast majority of their commentary is pretty solid.

For instance, Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report is now the target of NBA Twitter following some comments she made about Damian Lillard. While speaking to Jayson Tatum, Rooks made the claim that Kyrie is a superstar while Dame isn’t. Rooks’ reasoning is that Lillard does not have a star player next to him which means he cannot reach the next level.

Fans found this notion to be utterly ridiculous and they let their feelings be known on social media. One person on Twitter wrote “Saying Kyrie is a superstar and Dame isn’t, purely because Kyrie got to play with prime Lebron and win a championship, is a ridiculous take.”Other fans were quick to note that Kyrie has done nothing without LeBron James and that the Nets got swept with two superstars this past season.