DJ Akademiks Slams YSL Members For Snitching: "YS-Tell"

As the YSL RICO case proceeds, accusations of snitching have abounded. Yak Gotti had to shut down rampant rumors that he snitched on the label, and an alleged YSL co-founder has been under pressure to cooperate with prosecutors. Recently, a leaked document revealed the name of a state informant on the case, and DJ Akademiks had to weigh in.

Akademiks always has a hot take on breaking news, and with the new revelations in the YSL investigation, his response was predictably inflamatory. “YSL new name? YS-Tell,” he announced. “Everybody tellin’, OK? Everybody tellin’. All that slime and slat s**t, they basically going to the prosecutors and signing agreements, n***a.”

Akademiks claimed that he didn’t post any of the documents on his page because he didn’t want to incite violence. He did read off the paperwork, however, which claimed that a YSL member had agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and would inform them on Young Thug’s alleged orchestration of a murder.

Ak compared the snitching to that of 6ix9ine, who had worked with authorities to testify against his co-defendants. “It’s so interesting, that the rap community shunned 6ix9ine and acted like what 6ix9ine did was an anomaly,” he said. “There’s something interesting about the street codes. You expect these dudes to uphold to a code, but they couldn’t uphold to the law. So they’re like, f**k the laws, but I’ll uphold to street codes. Why did they do that? I don’t know. When it come to n***a shit and gangs? There’s no consequences for snitchin’ in hip hop culture.”

Watch the entire clip below.

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