NLE Choppa Wants Licking Armpits To Be Normalized During Sex

It’s no secret that 19-year-old NLE Choppa knows how to raise eyebrows, and earlier this week the rapper did just that with some controversial posts shared on his Twitter page, followed by an interview with TMZ during which he doubled down on his bedroom antics.

“I lick my girl armpits, all that. Imma real freak,” he tweeted on August 16th. “My saliva yo deodorant.” 


NLE Choppa in 2019 — Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Minutes later, in another post, Choppa continued, “I put my tongue in that ear too. She don’t need a Q-tip, I’M THE Q-TIP.”

While some were stunned by what the Memphis native had to say online, some people assumed he was just trolling and couldn’t possibly be serious. When reporters caught up with Bryson Potts on Friday (August 19) at LAX, though, he was happy to clarify.