"Friday" Actress Angela Means Recalls Cruelty She Received Over "Felicia" Role

Her role in Friday has gone down in cinematic history, but Angela Means tearfully recalled the reaction she received from the public. Friday is a classic film that starred Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, and in it, Means portrayed the role of Felicia. She may not have had much screentime, but the part was well-remembered by viewers and the phrase “Bye Felicia” has even become a pop culture staple for people who haven’t even seen the film.

Yet, in a recent interview with Comedy hype, Means revisited the less favorable reactions she has received. The actress was shocked by the insults that people would say to her based on her character, who was suggested to be a mooch that would steal.

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In an effort to make peace with the “misunderstood” character, Means said that she wrote a biography for Felicia.

“It was one of the greatest processes that I’ve ever been allowed to be a part of,” she told the outlet. “I wrote a very intense bio on her, some of the things that had happened to her, her background, where she went to school—everything about her. I put everything down on paper and then I put it inside. I trusted it and Angela went away and this person, Felicia, emerged.”

“Why is it so easy for us to dismiss each other like that?” she asked. “When people come at me, even to this day, I’ll see people saying, ‘Bye, you dirty b*tch, you f*cked up b*tch,…

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