No Savage Faces 43 Years In Prison For Virginia Mall Shooting: Report

More information is being shared about a shooting at a Virginia mall back in June. It was then that Noah Settles, known by his Rap moniker no Savage, allegedly fired off shots in the public space, causing chaos as patrons ran for the nearest exits. According to the authorities, they were able to identify Settles by surveillance footage that showed a man that looked like him with the same tattoos, including one that reads “No Savage.”

At the time of the shooting, there wasn’t much information given other than it all stemmed from a confrontation between two parties. When a detective gave testimony, he offered up more about the case.

It is alleged that Settles was in fact involved in a brawl at the Tysons Corner Center mall, but he alleges that during the fight, someone brandished a weapon. That reportedly caused Settles to fire his gun, upwards of three shots, but thankfully, no one was injured. The detective confirmed that it was Settles’s tattoos that led authorities to his front door.

The aspiring remains incarcerated without bond. According to NBC 4 News in Washington D.C., Settles has been tacked with five charges and faces 43 years in prison if convicted. It is unclear if he has any prior convictions that could impact decisions made by investigators or the courts.

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