Kim Kardashian & North West Zipline Together: "Never Again"

Kim Kardashian loves to treat her oldest daughter. Earlier this summer, the reality star took North camping with her friends via private jet. In May, the two had a luxurious mother/daughter date in Italy.

In a recent TikTok, Kardashian showed off her most recent memorable experience with North. In the video, the two zipline through the forest of an undisclosed mountain range. In the beginning of the video, they both seem exciting, saying “ziplining” in unison.

North West, Kim Kardashian

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kim is the first to be filmed, and it seems like she’s more than a little nervous. Her screams pierce through the otherwise silent forest, and she careens towards her daughter at full speed. North is behind the camera most of the time, and has a penchant for an avant-garde editing style, cutting rapidly between various woodland imagery.

In one shot, North says, “That’s my mom,” as her mom soars through the forest. In another, Kardashian is perched on a small wooden bridge, nearly frozen with terror. “Never again,” she musters out with a cold calmness. “No one is ever talking me into doing this again.” “Okay,” North responds quietly behind the camera.