Kevin Durant Gets Into Yet Another Contentious Back And Forth On Twitter

Kevin Durant is one of the best players to ever step on a basketball court, although unfortunately, he has made some very questionable decisions throughout his career. For instance, joining the Golden State Warriors turned out to be a legacy killer for KD even though he won himself two titles and two Finals MVPs. He stacked the deck in his favor with that choice and fans still haven’t forgiven him for it.

Since then, KD has gone to the Nets where he is now requesting a trade. All of these moves have led to an abundance of criticism on Twitter, and KD always seems to engage with it. For instance, KD got into it with a fan last night, asking that Twitter user if he “ruined the game?”

While the question was more sarcastic than anything else, it eventually led to a few back and forths in the replies section. KD has no problems engaging with fans, even if it makes him look obsessed. After one fan told him that he will never be an all-time great due to his decisions, KD replied “And that’s fine. Enjoy that perspective my man. Not mad at u for it.”

Eventually, KD fell back on the idea that people just hate him and don’t want to see him succeed, no matter what. “Aye I be wanting people on twitter to realize that they just can’t stand to see me do well in life lol. But to acknowledge that would make them haters so they won’t ever admit but it’s still fun trying to get them to accept it,” KD wrote.