Channing Crowder Tells Denzel Ward That He Is Beautiful

Channing Crowder has been in the news cycle a lot lately due to his commentary. The former NFL player created his own show called The Pivot Podcast where he, and his co-hosts, talk about sports, life, and entertainment. Many of the show’s viral moments have existed around one player, in particular, Russell Wilson.

Channing has made it very clear that Russ isn’t his “type of dude,” calling him square and making fun of his appearance. He even alluded that his wife, Ciara, was only with him for his money. While comments like those have gotten his show a lot of attention, there’s a new clip that has people talking. 

The show’s most recent episode featured Cleveland Brown’s cornerback, Denzel Ward. Although the show was nearly 40 minutes long, the conversation that has social media talking is only 40 seconds. It started with Channing complimenting Denzel, telling him that he was beautiful. Startled by this comment, Denzel giggled and responded, “What you mean, man?”

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Explaining himself, Channing added, “You’ve got pretty eyes. You’ve got good skin. You’ve got the highlights.” The 38-year-old was interested in knowing if people thought he was soft due to his looks, and then had a change of heart once they saw his work on the field. “Do you have to fight that,” he asked.