Michael Jordan NBA Finals Jersey Could Sell For Insane Price At Auction

In 1998, Michael Jordan played his last season with the Chicago Bulls. Of course, it was a very successful season for Jordan and the team as they defeated the Utah Jazz in the Finals for a second-straight season. Once again, MJ was absolutely phenomenal in the Finals, and he helped carry his team to victory in the decisive Game 6.

Now, a jersey from that iconic Finals series has made its way to the auction block through Sotheby’s, according to TMZ. As you can imagine, Sotheby’s is extremely excited to have this jersey in their possession as it is incredibly rare. The uniform comes from Game 1, which is a game in which MJ put up a very solid 33 points.

Michael Jordan

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

“Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals Game 1 jersey is among the most highly desired pieces of sports memorabilia and the present example is one of just two Finals jerseys to ever appear at auction, from any of his six championships,” Sotheby’s wrote in a statement about the piece.

For now, Sotheby’s is expecting the item to sell for a whopping $3 million. There is no guarantee that they get this kind of money for it, but with the auction beginning on September 6th, there is still plenty of time to build hype for this new jersey.

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