Kyle Lowry Claps Back At Chris Broussard's Toronto Comments

Chris Broussard is a journalist who has caught a lot of flack from players around the NBA. A few years ago, he found himself beefing with Kevin Durant after Broussard made the claim that he actually had Durant’s phone number. KD denied this and it led to a long and drawn-out beef that largely took place over Twitter.

More recently, Broussard had all of Canada on his case after he tried to say that black players do not want to play in Toronto because there is a lot of racism there. This take was immediately called out for being ridiculous seeing as though Toronto is the most multicultural market in the league, aside from maybe New York.

Kyle Lowry

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Former Raptors star Kyle Lowry got to speak to Vince Carter about his experience in Toronto, and unsurprisingly, Lowry had nothing but good things to say. During an episode of The Vince Carter Show, Lowry made it abundantly clear that Broussard is being ridiculous.

“I don’t talk about others and what people say because I don’t care to respond to anybody else because, whatever,” Lowry said. “I am a Black African-American from 20th and Lehigh in North Philadelphia and I absolutely love Toronto.”

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