JayDaYoungan’s Funeral Attended By Hundreds Of Mourners At Bogalusa High School

Shortly after being gunned down and ultimately killed at his house in Bogalusa, Louisiana, 24-year-old JayDaYoungan has been laid to rest. On Sunday, August 7th, a funeral was held at the city’s local high school auditorium for the late rapper as hundreds mourned and remembered the impact he had on their community.

Mayor Wendy O’Quin-Perrette shared a statement on social media yesterday condemning the violence that lead to Jarvorius Scott’s death and his father’s wounding. “My fellow Bogalusans,” she began.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

“As a lifelong resident of Bogalusa, I share with you a love for the traditions, history, and hometown flavour of our city. The city of Bogalusa and our people mean everything to me. The violence that has affected Bogalusa’s citizens is alarming. As your mayor for the last eight years, I have, alongside so many of you, wrangled the damage of floods, hurricanes, COVID, and other unavoidable catastrophes.”

She continued, “But the violence we have recently witnessed is entirely avoidable, and as the leader of our city it is my sworn duty to do everything within my power to keep the people of Bogalusa safe. The pain that has been caused by the loss of JayDaYoungan and the injury of Kenyatta Scott Sr. is indescribable to the family and friends of these victims, and to our community as well.”