Cordae Responds After Blogs Post About Weight Gain

Over the past few days, Cordae has been dealing with a lot on the internet. For instance, rumors began to circulate that he and Naomi Osaka broke up after dating for over a year. Cordae has been by Osaka’s side for a long time now, and there was this feeling online that the two were no longer together.

Of course, Osaka ended up coming out and dispelling all of the rumors, once and for all. From there, Cordae was made fun of for his brand new hairstyle which includes some pretty gnarly sideburns. Fans were confused by it all and some thought it was a direct response to being broken up with, which is obviously not the case.


Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Cash App

In addition to all of this, it was reported by a hip-hop blog that Cordae had gained upwards of 40 pounds. Cordae eventually saw the tweet, and it prompted a reaction on Twitter as Cordae simply said “Damn why y’all so loud ? Lol.” 

It is easy to see why Cordae feels this way especially when you consider how his weight isn’t really anyone’s business. It is an odd thing to report, and Cordae was clearly a bit uncomfortable with the information going viral.

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