Rick Ross Tries To Enter Buckingham Palace, Is Redirected To A Restaurant

There’s no denying Rick Ross has seen his fair share of success. He lives a life of luxury: he’s buying lions and cars like it’s nothing. Other rappers are taking notice– Wiz Khalifa said that Ross was a business inspiration for him.

But it seems that all of this success isn’t enough to get Rozay through the Buckingham Palace gates in England. In a recent Instagram Story, Ross explained how he tried to stop by the palace to see the Queen, but was rebuffed.

Rick Ross

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

“Aight so you all saw me going to Buckingham Palace,” said Ross after he posted a video of himself posing in front of its gates. “I pulled my homie to the side, told him who I was: of course, the biggest boss.” But his resumé fell on deaf ears. “One of the first times in a long time, that didn’t get me in,” said Ross with profound disappointment in his voice. “It didn’t get me through the gates. I didn’t get to sit at the table.”

But there was a silver lining. “What he did do was refer me to a spot, he said they’ll be waiting on me,” Ross recounted. “And I could pick the lobster that I wanted to eat, so I forgave him.”