Instagram Model, Gena Tew, Says AIDS Made Her Blind And Immobile

AIDS is the final stage of HIV occurs when the immune system has been severely damaged due to the original virus. Though it is rare, affecting less than 200,000 people every year, its symptoms can be deadly. While most people are aware of its harsh aftermath, one person, in particular, is reminding everyone of just how bad it can get.

Gena Tew, an Instagram model who has allegedly been linked to numerous men in the hip-hop industry, took to social media to detail how the disease has altered her life. She explained that she began to notice her health deteriorating, as she had trouble completing simple tasks like controlling her bowels and standing up on her own.

According to Tew, when she did get tested for STDs, she assumed that results from HIV/AIDS were included– however, that was not the case. “I was going to the doctors and no one knew what was wrong.” Some professionals assumed it was cancer, while others concluded that she was perfectly fine.

Eventually, a doctor informed her that she had AIDS. Until this day, Tew does not know whom she contracted it from, but she has informed her former sexual partners of her status– and so far, none of them have tested positive. Since becoming aware of the disease, not only has she lost mobility in her legs, but she has also gone blind in her left eye.

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