Lil Baby's BM Ashley Says She Suffers "Emotional Scars" From Dating The Rapper

The effects of failed romances can be hard to shake and Lil Baby’s ex seems to be having a difficult time. Ayesha Howard is more affectionately known online as Little Ms. Golden and is the mother to the rapper’s eldest child. Every once in a while, Howard will make headlines over rumors that she may have rekindled some romance with Baby, but this time, she has gone viral over a few tweets about what dating has been like since their breakup.

“My Babydaddy f*cked me up, he’s the reason I don’t tap in emotionally when I deal with men,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I never want to feel that type pain and betrayal again so I’ve shut down on everybody even people who probably really love me,” Howard added. “I’m literally losing my favorite n*gga cause he said I’m not affectionate… I’m just trying to protect my heart tho.”

Soon, Howard was bombarded with reactions from people who accused her of still being in love with Lil Baby. She quickly returned to shut that down.

“Don’t come on my twitter trying to tell me nothing about me and a N*gga y’all only know through your stereo air waves!! Don’t start being weird!” she declared. “You don’t have to still be in love with someone to still suffer emotional scars and trauma from the experience! Stop saying I’m not over my past because I am, but a b*tch still waiting to exhale.”