Soulja Boy Reacts To Charleston White: "You N*ggas Scared Of Me"

It was only a matter of time before Soulja Boy responded to the rumors that he was maced by Charleston White. Earlier today (July 22), rumors circulated that Soulja and his crew attempted to approach White for a conversation, but White didn’t want anything to do with it. After the gossip mulled on social media for a few hours, White appeared on Livestream and shared his side of the story.

“They didn’t know what happened,” White said. “I hit they motherf*ckin’ ass one more time just for goodness sake. That man Soulja Boy said [laughs]. Man, that n*gga say, ‘Bruh! You maced me?!’ Yeah, n*gga! [laughs]… I don’t know [why] twelve n*ggas wanna talk. Next time, you n*ggas better holla with a bullhorn… You can’t just walk up to no n*gga like me talkin’ ’bout, ‘I wanna talk.'”

Soulja Boy
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Soulja wasn’t going to let the day end before he hopped online and gave his take.

“I don’t want no smoke with none of you n*ggas. If I knew that you n*ggas was gon’ get on the internet, talk all this gangsta sh*t, all this crazy sh*t, and reach in your girl purse and start spraying pepper spray in the air, runnin’ n*gga like it’s a trail n*gga… What the f*ck?” said Soulja. “You n*ggas so scared of me. Y’all n*ggas gotta pull out pepper spray? Out your b*tch purse? Runnin’ with pepper spray?”

“I thought you n*ggas was gangstas. N*ggas pullin’ out pepper spray and doin’ the dashboard,” he added, before telling White to stop talking about him.

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