Rolling Loud Founder Backtracks On Kanye & Travis Scott Comments: Report

After his comments on Instagram swept the Hip Hop world, Tariq Cherif is reportedly doing a bit of backtracking on a recent statement about Travis Scott. Once again, Rolling Loud Miami turned into a spectacle after Kanye West pulled out of his performance at the last minute. This incident mirrored Ye’s Coachella debacle earlier this year after the mogul walked away from his headlining spots just a week before the festival’s weekend was to launch.

Kid Cudi was quickly announced as West’s Rolling Loud replacement, and considering their previous public fallout, it made for interesting social media conversations. Rolling Loud’s founder Tariq Cherif would post online that he “tried to convince Ye to stay.”

Kanye West
Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

“He wasn’t having it,” Cherif added without giving insight into why West decided not to move forward. When followers brought up Travis Scott—who some believe was the reason behind West’s Coachella exit—Cherif chimed in.

“Venue won’t allow Travis because of astroworld deaths,” he replied. This made for a bold statement causing Cherif to clear things up with TMZ. The outlet claimed they spoke with him about the remarks and Cherif relayed that he deleted the messages because “it simply was not accurate.”

Rolling Loud reportedly asked Scott to headline the event but unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out. TMZ added, “Tariq’s comment on Instagram appears to have been made out of frustration from negative posts from festival-goers demanding Travis.” Still, the comments seemed to have placed Cherif in hot water with Scott’s fans, at least for now.

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