Jazz Looking For Historic Haul In Potential Donovan Mitchell Trade

When Rudy Gobert was traded from the Utah Jazz to the Minnesota Timberwolves, fans were absolutely stunned by the return the Jazz got. They were able to receive three roster players as well as five first-round draft picks. It was one of the craziest overpays in the history of the entire league, although it doesn’t seem like the T-Wolves care as they got yet another big man to pair with Karl-Anthony Towns.

This trade has a lot of implications for any potential Kevin Durant deal. It also has major ramifications for the Jazz as they look to trade Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell is a much better player than Rudy Gobert, which means the haul for Mitchell needs to be even larger than the one for Gobert, and almost no team is willing to pay that. 

Donovan Mitchell

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Regardless, according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, the Jazz are looking for a historic haul in return for Mitchell. They basically want seven first-round draft picks, although they will take 6 if they can get a solid player or two in the deal. It remains to be seen which teams can actually pull off a deal like this, as seven first-rounders is simply a ridiculous notion.

The NBA off-season is only going to get more interesting as the season gets closer, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates from around the NBA.

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