MF DOOM's Wife Pays Tribute To Him On His Birthday

MF DOOM is one of the most beloved rappers of all time and is considered by many to be “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.” For years, DOOM blessed us with some truly legendary projects that showcased his unique flow, quirky lyrics, and references to comic book characters. Unfortunately, DOOM passed away back in 2020 at the age of 49, and it was a huge shock to the rap community as it lost one of its best and most unique artists.

Following his death, his family has helped preserve his legacy. MF DOOM was an elusive artist, to begin with, and his family is making sure that he doesn’t experience some of the same disrespect that other artists do following their passing.

MF Doom

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

On Wednesday, DOOM’s family celebrated what would have been his 51st birthday. DOOM was born on July 13th, 1971, and to help mark the special occasion, his wife Jasmine got a special cake, all while taking to Instagram with a kind message.

“‘Never forget alwayz remember’ Old Dad. Best day ever 13th. -Lovingly Jasmine,” she wrote. There was also a video with some fireworks that were quite striking.

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