Quavo Explains Why He Stopped Buying Bust Down Watches

Iced-out jewelry has always been a staple of any artist’s outfit. If you listen to Migos, then you have most certainly heard Quavo rap about iced-out watches and rings. Bust-down watches are usually luxury brand timepieces that are covered in diamonds. The watches are very rarely sold like this, as it is up to the consumer to seek out a jeweler who will customize the piece.

During an interview with GQ, Quavo admitted that he is no longer buying bust-downs. Instead, Quavo would much rather spend his money on Plain Jane’s, which are watches that contain no extra customizations. As the artist explains, it all has to do with the resale value and making better investments.


Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

“These are my houses, aka my watches. I feel like they’re real estate, and I got to have them with me, and I can’t go nowhere without a few Plain Janes on me,” Quavo said. “They kind of like real estate. These are like mini houses that just go up in value. I don’t buy bust downs no more because it don’t make any sense. It’s kind of like taking a lambo and just taking the roof off it and just depreciating your car. I got a good relationship with the people that sell these watches, which is [Audemar Piguet], and I just go in there and get them out the store just like I’m buying shoes. Not a lot of people can do that.”

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