Spirit Airlines Jet Catches Fire, Passengers Told To "Stay Seated" By Crew

Chaos nearly ensued on a Spirit Airlines flight into Atlanta from Tampa on Sunday (July 10) morning, TMZ reports.

As the plane was landing at the city’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a fire started down around the landing gear. Passengers were quick to notice the smell and sight of smoke, sending them into instant panic.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Several patrons attempted to get out of their seats and head toward the emergency exits, though crews on board promptly hopped on the PA to advise everyone to return to their designated spots and leave the aisles clear as there was no need for evacuation at the time.

“If the pilot gives us the command to evacuate we will evacuate, but please remain seated right now and keep the aisle ways clear,” flight attendants explained, as per NPR. “If we do have to evacuate, please just leave your bags. We will let you know, please remain seated.”