Akademiks Speaks On Rappers Making Bets With Billionaires

Akademiks is known for having some controversial opinions on topics regarding the music and entertainment industry. The 31-year-old commentator has over five million followers and doesn’t mind hurting some feelings in order to get his point across. His most recent rant has to do with well-known rappers placing embarrassing bets with wealthy men.

In a YouTube video, AK, whose real name is Livingston Allen, spent nearly ten minutes discussing how degrading it is for artists to gamble with people whose only goal is to humiliate them. “For whatever reason,” he started, “all the rappers love to hang out with two white billionaires.” He made sure to explain that there’s nothing wrong with the fact that they are “white” or “billionaires,” it’s that they aren’t “hip-hop.”

The men he referenced were Michael Rubin and Robert Kraft. AK explained that he’s confused as to why rap artists want to hang out with them– besides them wanting to become billionaires themselves. “Every time I see a video of him and the rappers, it’s always something demeaning to the rappers and I never see him doing sh*t,” he said about Michael. 

In an attempt to explain himself, he brought up a clip of Meek Mill bouncing like a bunny rabbit after losing a bet. “I’ve just always wondered, what if Meek won the bet,” he questioned. In the video, the rich guy can be heard yelling at Meek saying, “Why are you doing bunny hops? Because you got your a** beat in tennis.”

Akademik’s next victim was Kanye West. He was captured on video feeding a fashion icon out of his hands. “Kanye, who don’t go for none of that bullsh*t, he’s holding the plate,” AK uttered shockingly. 

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