Tina Lawson Thanks Method Man For Sharing Story About Destiny's Child

Not everyone in the industry finds it necessary to apologize for being rude to their peers, but Method Man is cut from a different cloth. We reported on the Wu-Tang icon recently caught up with Math Hoffa and his crew for an interview, and while discussing his expansive career, Meth touched on an interaction that reportedly occurred back in 2001. He shared that at an event, he believed that Destiny’s Child ignored him, so when someone attempted to introduce them later on in the evening, he refused to shake their hands.

Although this interaction happened a little over 20 years ago, Method Man offered a sincere apology while looking right into the camera.

Tina Lawson
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“I didn’t like myself so I didn’t like anybody fucking else,” he said during the interview. “So, that meant anything that would have come in my circumference at that point in time was gonna get it. My family went through a lot with my ass during that era, man. I can admit that I did take a lot of my f*cking misery out on them, and they did not deserve it, and I took some of my misery out on people at Def Jam that did not f*cking deserve it.”

Meth’s transparency and honesty were praised as people spoke about the need for accountability, especially within Hip Hop. This story went viral and wasn’t lost on Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Lawson, who praised Meth for coming forward.

“Thankyou Method Man . It takes a real man to tell this story!,” she wrote on Instagram. Lawson also shared the viral clip. “Such a great example for other young men[red heart emoji]. . Don’t assume someone is dissing you ! @methodmanofficial.” Check out her post below.

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