The Game Says Nas & Lil Durk Gave Him Their Blessing For "Drillmatic" Title

The Game has drummed up much hype surrounding his next solo outing, though there’s still no release date set in place. Drillmatic was initially due out in late June before being pushed back to July 1st, which came and went without the album seeing the light of day. Evidently, there are a few samples that need to be cleared for the project, as he suggested earlier this week. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The rapper offered insight into his decision to name his forthcoming album, Drillmatic, a portmanteau between the title of Nas’ debut album and the subgenre from Chicago that has dominated the sound of hip-hop for the past few years. In a recent interview with HipHopDx, he explained that he initially gave the title to Durk, who never ended up using it. 

“Originally, I gave [the title] Drillmatic to Durk because he’s from the Chi and it has the whole drill thing,” he explained. “I text Durk like, ‘Yo, call your next album Drillmatic.’ And he was like, ‘Yo, that’s fire.’ And then two years passed and he didn’t call nothing Drillmatic so I was like, ‘I’ma reel that back in.’”

Along with Durk’s blessing, Nas also offered The Game praise for his forthcoming project. Drillmatic will be produced by Hit-Boy, who has recently been on a spree of releases alongside the Queensbridge artist. 

“I pulled up to his studio, we did three songs that day, three songs the next day, three songs the next day and we had nine. He’s like, ‘We need a title.’ I was like, ‘Drillmatic,'” he recalled. “And then Nas was in the room the day after, on the fourth day, working on music with Hit. I ran the title by him and he blessed it, and so then I ran with it. Because I don’t want to step on no toes, especially not with people I look up to. So yeah, we got Nas’ blessing, we started to run it and then it took on a life of its own and now we’re here.”

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