Tommy Fury Declines Jake Paul's Pitiful Offer

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were set to fight each other on August 6th, but due to Fury’s issues with border control, he will be unable to travel to the United States for the time being. This means the fight cannot take place, and fans are pretty disappointed. Even Fury has expressed disappointment in this outcome, although as Paul explained, there is a chance for him to redeem himself.

“I’m confident you are a scared little boy who doesn’t want to fight or understand business,” Paul said. “I will pay you $500K to fight me in the UK. I will do it shortly after August 6. You accept?”

This is a pretty low amount, and Fury recognized that immediately. In response to Paul on Twitter, Fury wrote “I wouldn’t get out of bed to fight you for $500k. Let me know when you’re ready to have a serious conversation.”

Given the number of times Fury has backed out on Paul, it seems as though an offer above $500K simply isn’t in the cards. In Paul’s mind, Fury has not earned it.