LeBron James Attaches Words Of Wisdom To Bronny's Latest Reel

Bronny James Jr. has become an exceptional young talent on the basketball court, and he is expected to get some big offers from high-level universities around the United States. Some believe he is destined to play for Duke, while others think he could wind up at Ohio State or maybe even UCLA. With that being said, LeBron is making sure that Bronny stays on the right track, especially as the pressure mounts.

Throughout the summer, Bronny and his younger brother Bryce have been playing basketball outside of Sierra Canyon, and this has led to some pretty impressive highlight reels. Every other day it feels like these two brothers come through with yet another jaw-dropping play, and LeBron himself has been playing into it.

Bronny & LeBron James

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For instance, LeBron recently took to Instagram where he showed off an impressive highlight reel from Bronny’s most recent summer league foray. The clip is filled with some impressive plays and there is no doubt that Bronny is showcasing a ton of talent and poise despite being such a young age. LeBron made sure to include some words of wisdom in here, as he wants to ensure his son’s success, moving forward.

“Young [King] coming for what’s his! Don’t want nothing given, everything is EARNED!! Let’s keep working kid!” LeBron wrote.

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