Saucy Santana Drops XXL Freshmen Freestyle: "I Got My Hater Blockers On"

Within the span of just two years, Saucy Santana has gone from being known as Yung Miami’s best friend to a rap star. The Florida hitmaker strutted into viral fame thanks to his “Walk” single, and the hype only intensified after “Material Gworl” took over. While his twerking and social media antics may not be appealing to some, Saucy Santana has a slew of fans who storm his shows and are seen singing along to every word. 

This year, Santana joins the coveted list of XXL Freshmen and earlier today (July 6), the outlet shared turn on the freestyle mic. It was noted by XXL that this was pulled from Santana’s 2020 release, “Try Your Luck.”

Santana rapped:

“I went from rags to riches / Some friends done changed up, congrats to disses because I came up / I got my hater blockers on / It’s tunnel vision / If you can’t beat them, join them / Better make your decision / Let me clear this air, I can’t see through the smoke / Fame in me is savage, let me show you cutthroat / A crowd full of whispers, a page full of comments / But it don’t phase me, it ain’t making no commas.”

Love him or hate him, Santana’s light continues to shine and has even earned him a place on stage with Madonna. He also shared his “Booty” single featuring Latto and recently joined her on tour. This is a freestyle that his fans have taken to social media to praise, so check out Saucy Santana below and let us know what you think. 

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