Aaron Rodgers Flexes His First Tattoo

Aaron Rodgers has been involved in a ton of drama as it pertains to the Green Bay Packers. Of course, just a few months ago, he was signaling that he would be traded from the team. In the end, that did not happen as Rodgers signed a historic deal that will keep him with the Packers for the next few years. 

In many ways, Rodgers is the Kyrie Irving of the NFL, and he continues to display the free-thinking mentality with his latest tattoo. Rodgers had never been tattooed before, although, on Wednesday, Rodgers revealed that he got his very first piece of ink.

Aaron Rodgers

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for The Match

As you can see down below, this new piece features numerous elements two lions, an eye, what appears to be waves, and then some elements that can only be described as astrological in nature. The piece was done by Balazs Bercsenyi, and as Rodgers explains, there is a lot of meaning to be found here.

“There’s a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely each element of this art piece, and I’ll share a little more about that one day. For now, just thankful for @balazsbercsenyi and his patience and artistry,” Rodgers wrote.

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