Rhode Island Sen. Tiara Mack Reacts To Backlash Over Twerking Video

It isn’t often that we find political figures twerking on TikTok, but a Rhode Island senator is at the center of controversy after posting a rump-shaking video. Like millions of other Americans, Sen. Tiara Mack shared her holiday celebrations on social media. In one clip, Mack is seen at a beach in a bikini before she does a headstand with her backside to the camera, opens her legs in the air, and shows off her upside-down twerking skills. She then appeared to say, “Vote Sen. Mack!”

It didn’t take long before the video sparked several discussions and, unsurprisingly, right-wingers began slewing insults at the Democratic politician. In a follow-up, Mack added, “Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday.”

This controversy hasn’t caused Mack to shrink; as a matter of fact, she’s been answering and facing off with her peers, as well as critics, since going viral. People have accused her of disgracing Black women and setting them back, but Mack, as well as her defenders, are not allowing that narrative to move forward. Instead, she questioned why her more altruistic endeavors haven’t been highlighted in the media.

“My constituents fricking love that I’m a real person and fun and not a robot,” she said in a video.

Reactions have been heavy and memes have sprung up, but serious discussions are also being had about respectability politics in this generation. Take a look at the ranging responses from Mack, her political peers, and others below.

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