Bobby Shmurda Talks Craziest Moments In Prison: "The Riots Or The Sex On The Visits"

Big moves are being made by Bobby Shmurda now that he’s independent. The rapper has been a feel-good figure in Hip Hop as he is often seen having the time of his life, dancing like no other in music videos or on social media. His debut album has been much-anticipated since he was released from prison, and in a recent chat with Variety, he revealed that he has projects on the way.

“We’re about to put this seven-song EP out, ‘Bad Boy,’ leading up to the album,” he said. “Only Rowdy [Rebel is featured] on the EP, then on the album, we got everybody. ‘Ready to Live’ is the album, 14 or 15 songs. I got an artist I just signed, Shman Dog.”

Bobby Shmurda
Provided by HNHH 

Elsewhere, Shmurda was asked about the type of person he was prior to his seven-year stint behind bars. He admitted that he was rough around the edges, calling himself a “bad motherf*cker” who ran from the police, only concerned with making money. However, his carefree dancing persona isn’t anything new.

“That’s how I was getting the girls when I was younger,” said Shmurda. “When you’re bad, you can’t just be bad. You gotta have some type of good, so I got a good smile. They think I’m funny and I got to dance for ‘em.” The rapper also said he would show off his moves in jail whenever they listened to music. “I made killers dance. I make everybody dance with everybody.”

When asked about his craziest times in jail were like, Shmurda couldn’t decide.

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