Kyrie Irving To Lakers Trade Halted Due To One Factor

Kyrie Irving has been a huge bust for the Brooklyn Nets. When the Nets got Kyrie and Kevin Durant, the expectation was that these two would go out and win a championship together. In the three seasons they’ve played with one another, they have only won one playoff series, and this past year, they got swept by the Boston Celtics.

Now, Kyrie is likely on his way out, and it remains to be seen what kind of trade the Nets will do. The conventional wisdom around the league states that Kyrie will get sent to the Los Angeles Lakers, and it appears as though this is actually an inevitability.

Kyrie Irving

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As Brian Lewis of The New York Post reports, there is one thing holding this trade back right now. Essentially, the Lakers want to give the Nets Russell Westbrook, but they are demanding Joe Harris in addition to Kyrie. Unfortunately for the Lakers, Harris does not seem to be on the table.

“I know the Nets absolutely do not want to trade Joe under any scenario. But there are just thousands of different ways this can play out,” Lewis wrote.

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