Kevin Durant Trade Asking Price Revealed

Kevin Durant is on his way out of Brooklyn and there is no shortage of fanfare surrounding his exit. KD is one of those players who can make any franchise a contender, so it shouldn’t be surprising that various teams throughout the NBA are calling the Brooklyn Nets to try and make a deal.

Given the fact that KD is one of the top 10 greatest players of all time, it should also be obvious that the Nets are making sure they get the best package possible. KD is not someone you let get away for free, and that Nets front office is adamant about getting a fair return, especially after the insane haul that went to the Utah Jazz for Rudy Gobert.

Kevin Durant

Elsa/Getty Images

In fact, while speaking on ESPN today, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN revealed that the Nets are looking for an All-Star and several first-round draft picks, moving forward. The Jazz were able to get five draft picks for Rudy Gobert, which means KD should at least yield six or seven. As for an all-star level player, it might be difficult for the Nets to pull that off. After all, teams want to make sure Durant would be coming into a situation where he can win a title. Giving up an all-star player would effectively gut your roster.

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