Bronny James Jr's Latest Dunk Got LeBron Out Of His Seat

Bronny James Jr. is headed into his senior year at Sierra Canyon¬†and there are some big expectations being placed upon him. This is a huge year for him when it comes to his future as he could be recruited to a big-name college program. There are tons of basketball programs that would be looking to take on Bronny and we’re sure there will be quite the arms race. It will ultimately be his decision as to where he goes, although we’re sure places like Duke are at the top of the list.

This summer, Bronny is looking to keep his talents fresh, and as you can see in the Tweet below, the eldest James brother came through with a monstrous dunk. In the clip, you can clearly see LeBron jump out of his seat, as he couldn’t help but beam with pride over his son’s accomplishment.

As with anything Bronny-related, the clip went viral on Twitter, and the proud dad had to step in to let everyone know he was paying attention. LeBron hit the quote tweets with smoke coming out of the nose emojis, and as always, it’s great to see Bron getting involved. He has a lot of pride in his kids, and of course, Bronny is a huge part of that.

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