Kanye West Trolled By Owner Of "College Dropout Burgers" Following Cease & Desist

When a Melbourne restaurant went viral last December, social media users wondered how they were getting away with using Kanye West’s artwork for their brand. We reported on the College Dropout Burgers restaurant that was storming the internet, named after West’s stellar classic debut album. Not only did they snag the title of West’s award-winning record, but they also named their items after the Rap mogul’s songs. If that isn’t blatant enough, there is even said to be a mural of the rapper inside the restaurant.

It was puzzling to Hip Hop fans how the business was able to get away with this unscathed, but it seems that Ye wasn’t letting them off the hook.

According to reports, College Dropout Burgers is scrambling to rebrand now that West and his team have threatened legal action. Owner Mark Elkhouri was reportedly hit with a cease and desist letter from West’s attorneys…

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